Our facility at Blue Hills Recovery employs evidence-based care

Blue Hills Recovery is situated in a tree-lined neighborhood in Worcester. We are only two blocks away from the shores of Indian Lake and less than half a mile from our beautiful partnered supportive housing. Here you will find compassionate professionals dedicated to helping foster enduring recovery.

We offer Day Treatment, an Evening Program, and Outpatient levels of care for substance use disorders or mental health. As a member of the Harmony Recovery family, we combine the staff-to-patient ratio of a small program with the clinical excellence of a larger one.

Our Levels of Care

At Blue Hills Recovery, we acknowledge the uniqueness of every client in actionable ways. This is one of the reasons we utilize a ‘levels of care’ model to substance use and mental health treatment. The details of this approach can be a bit complex, but here’s the short version. We pay attention. We pay attention to who our clients are and what they need. Then, we strive to “meet them where they’re at” and help them address their issues in ways that get the results that they want.

Here is a quick rundown of our varying levels of care.

Outpatient treatment programs preserve the autonomy of our clients. Those in Outpatient programs meet at regular intervals with a therapist or counselor. For outpatient clients, Blue Hills Recovery recommends meeting at least once a month with your treatment provider.

Clients needing more treatment should consider our evening program. Evening programs allow clients to continue the meet their prior obligations and responsibilities to work, school, or family. As an added benefit, those enrolled in a evening program continue to reside in their own homes.

For clients in need of the deepest level of care, Blue Hills suggests our Day Treatment Program. Day Treatment clients attend therapy sessions that last a little less than a typical workday. When the treatment program concludes, clients commute back home.

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Blue Hills Recovery Center is a member of the Harmony Recovery family of rehabilitation centers. This means we are dedicated to delivering excellence in healthcare. The principles of evidence-based treatment are the basis of our entire program. Evidence-based treatment applies methods which have undergone rigorous scientific testing to determine effectiveness. Evidence-based care is treatment you can trust.

What Do We Mean By ‘Evidence-Based Care?’

Blue Hills Recovery utilizes therapy methods with proven track records. We rely on data-driven, factual, effective treatments. A few examples of the therapies we use include:

This is just a small sample of what our programs have to offer, but the takeaway is that we use methods that work.

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Addiction and Mental Health Care in Worcester, MA

At Blue Hills Recovery Center our focus is always on the needs of our patients. We believe that healthcare must be delivered with both integrity and compassion to be truly effective. It is to that end that we have designed each program in the Harmony Recovery family to meet a specific set of needs to be certain we can find just the right fit for the people we care for. Our Blue Hills location features an attractive residential setting just a five-minute walk from the shores of Indian Lake and less than a half mile away from our beautiful partnered supportive housing. We offer Day Treatment, Evening Treatment and Outpatient levels of care.

Our Commitment

Our facility at Blue Hills Recovery Center offers flexible programs designed to be accessible to almost anyone. Whether you have family, career or school responsibilities, we will work diligently to find a match for your lifestyle. Our commitment is to nurture your recovery so you can build a strong foundation to last a lifetime.

Our Mission

The Harmony Recovery Group family is dedicated to excellence in healthcare. Every one of our programs delivers sound, evidence-based treatment. Our mission is to provide the gold standard in addiction and mental health treatment. We do this by putting patients first and applying scientifically vetted modes of treatment you can trust.

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We work with most major insurance carriers and offer a range of options to fit your lifestyle and financial means 

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