When someone struggles with a mental health disorder or addiction, they often feel so alone. For example, some people who have a substance abuse disorder will isolate themselves from family members and friends. Oftentimes, it is because they don’t feel that anyone will understand what they are going through. If this is the case for you or someone that you care about, our Blue Hills Recovery Center team would like to speak to you. We have many treatments that could help you to see that you aren’t alone and you can get your life back on track. Group therapy is one of the most beneficial treatments for overcoming addictions and mental health disorders.

Goals in Group Therapy

Will you decide to attend a treatment program here at Blue Hills Recovery Center and attend group therapy sessions? If so, you can work with the therapist and other members of the group to achieve recovery-related goals such as:

  • Developing healthier social skills
  • Learning how to live a happy life without substances
  • Learning how to manage emotions, so you don’t get so overwhelmed with tough times in life
  • Developing coping skills to help lower the risk for relapsing
  • Working through negative behaviors and 12-step processes
  • Building a better foundation for your recovery
  • Learning how to be more supportive of others especially when they are going through a hard time (but being there for them when they are achieving their goals, too)
  • Feeling safe enough to explore past and current issues

You will have many opportunities during group therapy sessions to overcome obstacles in your recovery. In addition to these sessions, you can attend individual therapy sessions, so you can get one-on-one time with the therapist, as well.

Top Group Therapy Benefits

If you decide to attend group therapy here at Blue Hills Recovery Center, you can receive many benefits, too, such as:

  • Get the necessary support to work through recovery-related problems and obstacles
  • Getting support and guidance throughout all aspects of recovery
  • Having many chances to open up about what you have been through, are going through, and what you are feeling
  • Getting tips from other people who are working their recovery program
  • Receiving help from the therapist who is specialized in addiction and mental health disorder treatments and resources
  • Learning how to create healthy boundaries and relationships
  • Being able to stand up for yourself and what you need in life
  • Lowering your risk of relapse during the program and when you go back home

These are only some of the many group therapy benefits that you can receive here at our treatment center. Now that you know what they are and can see how much group therapy could help you, reach out to us today to start a treatment program.

Get Into a Treatment Program with Group Therapy Sessions Today

If you have an addiction or a mental health disorder, our Blue Hills Recovery Center team wants to help you. We believe that group therapy sessions, along with other treatment services, can help you to get clean and stay in a life of recovery.

Contact us today to get into a treatment program with group therapy sessions. We look forward to helping you get your life back.

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