When you are heading into recovery from a mental health disorder or addiction, there are some things that you need to think about. The first thing that we want you to consider is how you are feeling right now. Do you have a lot of stress and feelings of chaos? If so, our Blue Hills Recovery team can help you to bring more peace to your new lifestyle. We can help you to focus on the present and not so much on your past. One service we offer that can help you to do this is mindfulness meditation.

Would you like to learn more about this service before you add it to your addiction or mental health disorder treatment plan? Not a problem. Our team can answer questions you may have.

Live in the Present

Unfortunately, with addictions and many mental health disorders, people tend to focus a lot on the past. They may think about mistakes they made, things that have happened to them and focus on negative feelings. However, in order to overcome addiction or a mental health disorder, you need to live in the present. Sure, you will need to look at your past behaviors, situations from the past and other things that have happened. However, with mindfulness meditation and other services that we offer here at Blue Hills Recovery, you can learn to start focusing on and living in the present.

We would like to remind you that learning to do this does take time. However, when you attend a treatment program at our recovery center, you can get all the support you need throughout the recovery process.

Practicing Deep Breathing

Another reason that our team highly suggests using mindfulness meditation in your recovery is that you learn how to practice deep breathing. There are numerous deep breathing exercises that you can learn. The purpose of using these techniques is to allow your mind and body to reconnect. Taking deep, slow breaths also helps you to feel calmer and more in control of your thoughts. Some other ways that deep breathing can help you throughout recovery from an addiction or mental health disorder include:

  • Releasing pent up negative energy and replacing it with a positive flow of energy
  • Working through false beliefs or thoughts and replacing them with rational, healthier thoughts
  • Easing anxiety, stress, depression, and other negative feelings
  • Relieving physical pain

When you are in recovery, you need to have more control over your mind, body and soul. With mindfulness meditation, you can develop this control. Our team can help you to learn how to meditate mindfully.

Recognizing the Truth

When something negative comes to your mind, how do you first react? Do you feel your heart racing? Does it seem difficult to gain control over your racing thoughts? Are you starting to panic? These things happen for millions of people. Sometimes, when these feelings arise, people with use alcohol or drugs to make them go away. The problem with this is that the feelings do come back after a while and sometimes, even stronger than they were before.

The good news is that our Blue Hills Recovery team offers mindfulness meditation as a part of our addiction and mental health disorder treatment programs. This service can help you to recognize the truth. It can help you to see that your first thoughts or reactions to something aren’t always or even usually the correct response.

Over time, you can get used to breathing and taking a moment before letting thoughts fill your mind. By doing that, you can save yourself time and energy by keeping calm and processing situations, before your mind and body get out of control.

Acceptance is Key

Another thing that mindfulness meditation can help you with is to accept what is. There are millions of people who have addictions or mental health disorders. Many of these people don’t accept they have a disease or disorder. Until acceptance happens, their life will continue to be chaotic and out of control.

The good news is that you are here reading this today. You want to seek help, so you can turn your life around. With mindfulness meditation and other treatments we offer here at Blue Hills Recovery, you can learn to accept what is and work toward building yourself a better life.

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If you have a mental health disorder or addiction, don’t hesitate to get the help you need. There are many ways that your future could go. However, you will have more control over it, if you take action now to overcome these issues.

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