Bluehills Recovery Center operates a cutting-edge facility in Massachusetts dedicated to providing comprehensive care for drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation and mental health treatment. Committed to fostering a nurturing environment, our team of experienced professionals is driven by a passion for guiding individuals toward lasting recovery through personalized treatment plans and evidence-based practices.

Understanding the financial aspects of rehab is crucial, and at Bluehills Recovery, we aim to make quality care accessible. We accept various health insurance plans, and for individuals considering rehab treatment through Optum, Bluehills Recovery Center may be a viable option. We encourage you to contact us directly to inquire about insurance coverage levels and to engage in a confidential discussion about your specific treatment needs. Taking the first step towards recovery is a courageous decision, and at Bluehills Recovery Center, we stand ready to support individuals on their transformative journey to a life of serenity and well-being.

Who is Optum?

Founded in April 2011, Optum stands as a leading health services and innovation company operating under the UnitedHealth Group umbrella. As a key subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group, Optum is instrumental in reshaping the healthcare landscape through various services and solutions.

Dedicated to enhancing accessibility, affordability, and effectiveness in healthcare, Optum utilizes data, technology, and expertise to drive industry advancements. Focusing on integrated components, Optum strives to elevate healthcare quality, improve patient outcomes, and foster a more efficient and sustainable healthcare system.

Headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, this global healthcare services provider boasts 310,000 employees worldwide and engages in technology, pharmacy care services, and various direct healthcare services. Committed to innovation and collaboration, Optum continues to shape the future of healthcare, addressing the evolving needs of individuals and organizations across the healthcare spectrum.1

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What is Optum Insurance Rehab Coverage in Massachusetts?

Optum provides various resources and assistance, from inpatient care to outpatient care, counseling, detoxification, and beyond. These offerings are designed to assist individuals in stabilizing, developing resilience, and maintaining recovery. Optum’s rehabilitation services are integrated into its holistic health insurance plans, with details varying according to the specific plan and individual circumstances.

For those in search of rehabilitation services, particularly for drug and alcohol addiction treatment, check your insurance via our convenient online form or call (508) 403-7877. This facilitates a clear understanding of your Optum rehab coverage specifics, including potential co-pays, deductibles, limitations, or exclusions.

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Does Optum Cover Rehab in Massachusetts?

Optum provides some level of coverage for drug and alcohol rehab services in Massachusetts, although the amount of coverage may differ depending on the particular plan and additional factors. Optum recognizes the significance of tackling substance abuse problems and frequently incorporates some portion of behavioral health and rehabilitation services in its coverage.11

It’s highly recommended that you take a proactive approach and verify your insurance coverage levels. This will help you make informed decisions about your treatment options and enable you to consider factors like co-pays, deductibles, and other financial considerations associated with Optum alcohol rehab and Optum drug rehab services—call (508) 403-7877 today.

Does Optum Insurance Cover Medical Detox Services and Treatment in Massachusetts?

Optum generally includes coverage for some expenses associated with medical detox treatment. However, the degree of coverage for medical detox varies depending on the specific plan and other factors. Medical detoxification is a vital initial phase in addressing substance abuse, enabling individuals to safely navigate withdrawal symptoms under the attentive care of medical professionals.

While Optum acknowledges the importance of covering such essential services, the actual levels of coverage may fluctuate based on factors like the insurance plan, network providers, and the terms outlined in your policy. For detailed information on the coverage of medical detox treatment, call (508) 403-7877. Understanding the specifics, including any associated co-pays, deductibles, or limitations, empowers you to make well-informed decisions about your treatment options.

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Does Optum Insurance Cover Inpatient Treatment in Massachusetts?

Yes, Optum insurance does cover inpatient treatment in Massachusetts. Individuals seeking inpatient care for substance abuse or mental health treatment can benefit from some coverage for the associated costs. However, it’s essential to note that the extent of coverage varies depending on the specific Optum insurance plan and more.

Optum recognizes the significance of inpatient treatment as a crucial component of comprehensive care. While some costs will be covered, the precise coverage levels, including details on co-pays, deductibles, and any potential limitations, are contingent on the particulars of your insurance plan. To obtain detailed information about the coverage for inpatient treatment in Massachusetts and how it applies to your specific situation, call (508) 403-7877.

Does Optum Insurance Cover Mental Health and Therapy Treatment in Massachusetts?

Optum provides coverage for at least some of the costs associated with mental health therapy treatment as mandated by The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act.12 The specific coverage details, including co-pays, deductibles, or limitations, may vary depending on the individual’s Optum insurance plan. For detailed information about your plan, including mental health therapy coverage, call (508) 403-7877.

Does Optum Insurance Cover EMDR Therapy in Massachusetts?

Yes, Optum insurance does cover EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy in Massachusetts. The extent of coverage depends on the specific Optum insurance plan. While some of the costs are typically covered, details will vary based on the particulars of the insurance plan.

To obtain accurate, detailed information about the coverage for EMDR therapy in Massachusetts, verify your insurance particulars by calling (508) 403-7877. This will allow you to clarify the financial aspects and make well-informed decisions regarding your EMDR therapy treatment.

Other Options for Rehab Treatment Programs Covered by Optum in MA

Optum’s coverage spans various rehabilitation programs and specialized interventions, with specific coverage for each program depending on your plan. For a thorough understanding of your coverage, please call (508) 403-7877. The details below will provide further insights into specific treatment programs typically supported by Optum, helping you make informed decisions about the available services for your overall well-being.

Optum Coverage for Day Treatment

Optum Coverage for Evening Treatment

Optum Coverage for Evidence-Based Therapy

Optum Coverage for Inpatient Rehab

Rehab Centers That Take Optum in Massachusetts

Dedicated to guiding you on a transformative path toward lasting sobriety and overall well-being, we provide seamless support in our Massachusetts-based treatment programs, from initial detoxification to comprehensive aftercare. Our commitment is rooted in empowering you to achieve holistic well-being, recognizing the interconnected nature of substance addiction and mental health concerns.

Nestled within our state-of-the-art facility, you’ll experience a serene setting crafted to launch your recovery journey with confidence and privacy. Here, we not only address substance addiction but also explore the complexities of various mental health disorders. Our holistic approach integrates cutting-edge clinical practices and evidence-based methods, ensuring a thorough and practical treatment experience.

For those searching for an accredited treatment center that accepts insurance, we encourage you to connect with us by calling (508) 403-7877. Alternatively, you can visit our Massachusetts location

Blue Hills Recovery: 474 Grove Street, Worcester, MA 01605

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We work with most major insurance carriers and offer a range of options to fit your lifestyle and financial means 

How Much is Rehab with Optum Insurance in MA?

The expenses associated with rehabilitation can exhibit significant variability, shaped by factors like the treatment type, location, and insurance coverage. In the absence of insurance, psychotherapy sessions typically range from $100 to $200 per hour, on average.13 Additionally, the average cost for an individual enrolled in outpatient care in Massachusetts is $1,703.14

We highly recommend that you carefully review your policy documents or call us at (508) 403-7877 to understand your healthcare coverage completely, as the figures provided above are just estimates. Speaking to one of our friendly staff members who can explain the cost details specific to your treatment needs will provide you with confidence and security.

How To Check My Optum Insurance Coverage for Rehab Treatment

To confirm your eligibility and assess the extent of Optum’s coverage for rehab treatment, kindly fill out our online form linked below. Our dedicated team will promptly engage with your insurance provider, ensuring a confidential process without any obligations. Upon verification, we will reach out to discuss your policy details and guide you through the following steps.

For a comprehensive understanding of your Optum insurance policy and coverage for rehab treatment in Massachusetts and to find rehab centers that take Optum, please call us at (508) 403-7877 or complete our online form below.

How To Get Optum Insurance to Pay for Rehab Treatment in Massachusetts

It’s essential to understand your Optum insurance coverage when deciding on rehabilitation. To get the latest information and answers to any questions, call (508) 403-7877 or carefully review your benefits documentation summary. Sticking to in-network providers and adhering to the recommended treatment plan can significantly increase the likelihood of Optum covering your rehabilitation treatment.

Additionally, consider the following to maximize your Optum rehabilitation benefits: choose in-network rehabilitation centers that align with your preferences, get referrals, and provide Optum with the pre-authorization details, if necessary. Make sure that the facility you choose submits claims on your behalf, and after the treatment, follow up with Optum to confirm claims processing and receive any owed reimbursements.

How Many Times Will Optum Insurance Pay for Rehab Services in Massachusetts?

The extent of rehabilitation coverage offered by Optum is contingent on various factors, including your specific policy, treatment type, and medical necessity. Generally, Optum provides coverage for medically necessary services, with details on the frequency and number of covered rehab sessions outlined in your insurance policy. For a more comprehensive understanding, call (508) 403-7877.

To grasp the details of your coverage, especially regarding the frequency and number of covered rehabilitation sessions, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with your insurance benefits. Engaging in conversations with your healthcare and insurance providers can offer additional insights. Contact us directly for specific details concerning Optum’s rehabilitation coverage scope.

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