CBT or cognitive-behavioral therapy is a treatment commonly used in addition and mental health disorder recovery programs. There are millions of people that have developed negative thought patterns, self-destructive behaviors and self-doubt throughout their life. If you are one of these people, the first thing our Blue Hills Recovery team wants you to know is that you aren’t alone.

One reason why we offer cognitive behavioral therapy is that this treatment helps people to create healthy thought patterns and beliefs that support their recovering lifestyle. No matter what addiction or mental health disorder you struggle with, let our team help you today.

Addiction and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Do you have an addiction to alcohol or drugs? Do you struggle with anxiety, depression, PTSD or another mental health disorder? If so, our team wants you to reach out to us. We can get you into a recovery program that includes cognitive behavioral therapy. Studies show that this treatment can be very effective in helping people to overcome addictions and to manage mental health disorders.

Some ways that cognitive behavioral therapy can help during your recovery from an addiction include:

  • Learning how to make healthy lifestyle choices
  • Improving overall physical and mental health
  • Learning how to defeat negative thought patterns and replace them with positive ones
  • Getting tools that can help you to improve your recovery
  • Changing how you think about various things in life
  • Gaining coping tools that can help you to prevent relapse

Now that you see how cognitive behavioral therapy can help you overcome an addiction and sustain a life of recovery, you can reach out to us today to start a treatment program. Our therapists will help you to work through past and current issues. They will help you to determine what goals you have for your life in recovery. Together, you and your therapist can work to build the life you dream of while abstaining from alcohol and drugs.

If these all sound like things you need in your life, let someone from Blue Hills Recovery know. We can get you into a recovery program that best suits your needs.

General Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Benefits

As you look into your future, we want you to see yourself happy and content. We want you to see addiction as a thing of your past. Sure, you will have to keep working on and maintaining your recovery to help prevent a relapse. However, if you can work through triggers and use proper coping skills, you can have a great recovery.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is one tool that can help you to overcome addiction and mental health issues. Whether you are struggling with long-term anxiety or you have a recent addiction, our team is here to help. Some of the ways that cognitive behavioral therapy can help you include:

  • Teaching how to abstain from alcohol
  • Learning proper coping skills to prevent relapse
  • Finding out what your triggers are, so you can prevent or manage them
  • Focusing on your recovery, so you can don’t lose sight of what matters most to you
  • Acknowledging your personal history and behaviors, so you can do better in the present and the future
  • Working on goal-setting and achieving goals
  • Altering the way you think, so you can develop healthy thought patterns
  • Gaining a better insight on life
  • Addressing self-defeating patterns
  • Improving self-esteem

There are numerous benefits of cognitive behavioral therapy. If you want to know more about this treatment, you can talk to someone from Blue Hills Recovery. A member of our team can walk you through how this treatment works in recovery from addiction and mental health disorders. We can talk to you about what other treatments might work best for your case. If you decide you want to get treatment, we can get you started in a program.

Get Into Cognitive Behavioral Therapy at Blue Hills Recovery Today

Are you struggling to hold your life together due to a mental health disorder or addiction? You might have an addiction to pain medications or other drugs. You may have an addiction to alcohol. It could be mental health symptoms such as depression or anxiety that are holding you back. No matter what the situation may be, our team here at Blue Hills Recovery is ready to help you grab your life back and turn it into something amazing.

Don’t let addictions or mental health disorders keep holding you back. You can have control over your life and you deserve that. Contact our Blue Hills Recovery team today and get started in a treatment program that includes services such as cognitive behavioral therapy. You will be happy that you made the leap into recovery.

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