Everyone deserves to live a happy, peaceful life. Unfortunately, there are some people who struggle with substance abuse – whether that be with drugs, alcohol or both. There are millions of others who struggle with mental health disorders such as PTSD, depression and anxiety disorders.

Here at Blue Hills Recovery Center, our team wants you to reach out to us. We believe that we can help you to work through any underlying issues that are causing the addiction or mental health disorder. One service we can offer to help with this is individual therapy.

Necessity for Addiction and Mental Health Disorder Recovery

Why do we believe that individual therapy is a necessity for addiction and mental health disorder recovery when there are numerous other treatments that can be used, as well? The number one reason is that you are unique. Everyone is an individual and should not just be put into a generalized treatment program. During your recovery, you need a chance to connect one-on-one with a trained, experienced therapist who specializes in addiction and mental health disorder treatment. You get to do this during individual therapy sessions.

Benefits of Individual Therapy During Addiction and Mental Health Disorder Treatment Programs

If you are struggling with a mental health disorder or addiction, don’t hesitate to get a hold of our Blue Hills Recovery Center treatment team. We want to help you get your life back on track and work through any issues that are holding you down. One way that our team can help you to do this is through individual therapy. Some of the many benefits of this type of therapy during addiction and mental health disorder treatment programs are:

  • Addressing mental, emotional, and physical aspects of the mental health disorder or addiction
  • Allowing you to work with someone who is trained in treating addictions and mental health disorders
  • Being able to work one-on-one on trauma-related issues
  • Get the support you need to overcome personal issues
  • Have the opportunity to vent about what is going on in your life without judgment
  • Getting proper guidance on handling addiction or mental health disorder treatment obstacles
  • Learning coping skills to help lower the risk of relapse
  • Setting and working on both short and long-term goals in recovery

These are only some of the various ways that individual therapy sessions can help during your treatment program. If you want to talk about specific issues you may have to find out if this service will help with those, reach out to our team.

Start Individual Therapy Sessions to Build on Your Recovering Lifestyle

If you are struggling with a mental health disorder or addiction, our team is here to assist you. We believe that everyone is unique. We want you to know that you have the opportunity to work one-on-one with a trained, experienced therapist, so you can overcome any underlying issues that may be causing your addictive or mental health behaviors. With the help of individual therapy sessions, you can create a happier, positive and healthier lifestyle for yourself.

Contact us today to start individual therapy sessions, so you can build on your recovering lifestyle.

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