When someone enters into recovery from an addictive lifestyle or one that is filled with mental health symptoms, they need support. Having guidance throughout a treatment program is beneficial in so many ways. Not only that, but when you attend a recovery program here at Blue Hills Recovery, you can take part in numerous holistic treatments such as adventure therapy.

Adventure sounds great, right? The amazing thing about adventure therapy is that it is a healthy type of adventure that can help you to overcome addiction and mental health disorders.

Performing Activities Indoors and Outdoors

There are so many great things about adventure therapy. One of the great things about this treatment is that you can perform the activities both indoors and outdoors. That means that even if the weather isn’t good, you can still take part in adventure therapy. You can still build up your self-confidence, work through issues and create the life you deserve. If you have questions about what types of activities will be held indoors and outdoors, let a member of our Blue Hills Recovery team know today.

More Information About Adventure Therapy

Are you thinking about adding adventure therapy to your recovery program? Even if you haven’t started addiction or mental health disorder treatment yet, we would still like to talk to you about this type of therapy.

One thing that is important to know about adventure therapy is that it isn’t a conventional option. While it is certainly becoming more popular, it wasn’t around when talk therapy and many other types of therapy began. However, since many clients are finding adventure therapy to be so beneficial in helping them to work through obstacles and feel better about themselves in recovery, it is being added to more recovery plans.

When attending activities in adventure therapy, you can work with others who are in recovery. Together, you can work on life skills, overcoming obstacles and finding solutions. You can have fun and enjoy the time you have together in recovery, as well.

Other Benefits of Adventure Therapy

If you need even more information about adventure therapy, don’t hesitate to contact us about this service. In the meantime, it may be helpful to know more about other benefits of this treatment. Some of those benefits include:

  • Having fun while in recovery can help you develop a healthier sense of enjoyment in life
  • Taking part in new experiences can help you to see that you don’t need drugs or alcohol to hang out with other people
  • Learning new, healthier social skills
  • Building self-awareness
  • Finding peace in nature
  • Developing healthy dependency on other people
  • Having positive feelings of accomplishment when completing tasks
  • Becoming more flexible with changes to plans
  • Having healthier skills when it comes to problem solving

These are just some of the numerous benefits that you can receive from attending adventure therapy sessions during your recovery.

If you want to know what activities you might participate in during adventure therapy, here at Blue Hills Recovery, call us. We can discuss what activities we are doing currently and what you might have when you attend a program at our recovery center. The activities that you attend might vary as they are customized to fit your individualized treatment plan.

Who Should Attend Adventure Therapy Sessions

Not everyone will use adventure therapy as a means to overcome their mental health disorder or addiction. However, there are others who may find this type of therapy works better for them than many other treatments. Some people who may want to consider attending adventure therapy sessions include:

  • People who tried other treatments but didn’t make much progress
  • People who need to work on becoming more self-aware and build their self-confidence
  • Those with mental health disorders or addictions who need more excitement in their recovery
  • Those who need to have better social skills and see socializing as a fun activity that doesn’t require harmful substances

Are you relating to any of these situations? If so, it may be a great idea for you to reach out to Blue Hills Recovery today. Someone from our team can talk to you more about adventure therapy. Together, you can decide if this treatment is best for you.

Start Your Recovery with Adventure Therapy and Other Treatments Today

There are various treatments that might be best for you when overcoming a mental health disorder or addiction. You might receive a lot of benefits from talk therapy or meditation. However, you might also benefit greatly from adventure therapy. You can find out more about this treatment by talking to someone at Blue Hills Recovery.

Do you know that this is something you want to do? Do you want to find out more about this treatment? Contact us today to start or discuss addiction or mental health disorder treatments such as adventure therapy.

Revive of The USA is a Recovery Community Out-Reach Program. A mobile team of certified and insured fitness trainers that have extensive experience in both FITNESS and RECOVERY (from addiction, trauma, behavioral issues, etc..) and we place them into youth & adult residential recovery programs (In-House Trainers) across New England to get them moving and feeling good again (A Mobile Fitness & Recovery Coach for Residential /Non-Residential Recovery Programs). Triggering natural chemicals in the body that help stimulate, heal, and grow the individual mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Revive of the USA is bringing 2 90-minute sessions each week to blue hills recovery focused on improving our patients’ health, well-being, and quality of life by empowering them to overcome challenges, accomplish their goals, and implement new health/exercise habits that will create a deep sense of love, commitment, and passion for themselves and their journey to revitalization.

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