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Outpatient Program

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Blue Hills Outpatient Program provides a structure for successful living without drugs or alcohol. We can help you make recovery a lifestyle.

Outpatient treatment generally serves as the on-ramp back to everyday life in recovery. It usually consists of a maximum of one or two therapy sessions a week. The purpose is to maintain connection and communication with the treatment program while living your life.

The Outpatient Program for Recovery in Worcester at Blue Hills is designed to be practical and effective. It fits into your life as it is and enriches it by keeping recovery principles fresh in your mind. It also provides a safe, therapeutic space for you to work out real-life problems as they affect your recovery.

During outpatient treatment, the patient returns to work, school, or family and puts their new recovery skills into play. Some clients who have been in recovery for a while but need a refresher may attend outpatient treatment as well. Ultimately the goal is the same. Outpatient care is about integrating recovery into your real life with all of its challenges and opportunities.

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