Sober Houses in Worcester MA and How They Help

What are Sober Houses in Worcester MA?

Sober houses in Worcester MA are residential homes that provide a safe place for people in recovery. They also go by a few other names. Sober home, sober residence, sober living, and halfway house are all terms that mean the same thing.

The Difference Between Halfway House and Sober House

“Halfway house” however is also used residences for ex-convicts reintegrating into society sometimes. Sticking to ‘sober house’ or similar phrases avoids any confusion.

How Sober Living Helps With Substance Abuse Recovery

Sober houses in Worcester MA are an important part of any recovery plan. People often consider detox and several weeks in treatment, but they don’t always think about their accommodations. Better addiction treatment programs integrate sober houses into patient treatment plans. Some treat patients at the day treatment program and evening program  levels while patients live in a sober house. This is an alternative to conventional inpatient or residential treatment where patients live and sleep at the rehab facility itself. Some people find the home-like atmosphere of a sober house more comfortable.

Sober Houses and Levels of Care

Different recovery communities treat patients with treatment options at the day and evening treatment program levels while patients live in a sober houses.

This is an alternative to conventional inpatient substance abuse treatment or residential treatment, where patients live and sleep at the rehab center itself. Some people find the home-like atmosphere of a sober living community more comfortable.

How Do Sober Houses in Massachusetts Operate?

Sober houses in Massachusetts follow strict guidelines set out by the state. The Massachusetts Sober Homes Law has set a standard that other states, like New York, are working to emulate. 

Part of the regulation requires that state agencies and vendors can only refer clients to certified Alcohol and Drug-Free (ADF) house. 

The Massachusetts Alliance for Sober Housing (MASH) is just one organization regulating sober houses in Massachusetts. But it’s important to note when looking for sober housing in Massachusetts if it is MASH certified.

These rules ensure that certified sober houses are reputable and responsible. They must conduct random drug screenings and employ qualified staff who are present 24/7. Sober living houses always have a set of rules that occupants must follow to live there. 

Here are some examples of the rules you should expect at good sober houses in Massachusetts or anywhere else:

  • Gender-specific housing (men and women live in separate houses. very few sober environments are co-ed)
  • Random drug screens and breathalyzing.
  • Absolutely NO use of drugs or alcohol inside or outside the home. (includes “herbal” and alternative drugs like kava, kratom, etc.)
  • No weapons, fighting, or violence of any kind inside or outside the home.
  • Strict curfews (these may become more relaxed after 30, 60, or 90-day intervals)
  • Requirements to attend a certain number of recovery meetings every week.
  • Residents must pay rent on time and must work or volunteer when not in treatment.

The rules above are a basic set of guidelines. You should insist on them at any sober house you’re considering.

Where Do Sober Houses in Worcester MA Fit into a Treatment Plan?

As mentioned above, some facilities, like Blue Hills Recovery, directly integrate sober houses in Worcester, MA, into their treatment programs.

Patients live in a sober house while they attend treatment during the day.  During treatment, issues with mental health and behavioral health are dealt with, and continued wellness support is available at a sober home. This sense of community is harder to find at drug or alcohol rehab.

Many patients find this alternative to an inpatient treatment center preferable because they can live in a home-like environment and enjoy more freedom of movement. Sober houses also play a role after day treatment, and evening treatment is completed.

Many people will live in a sober house for six months to a year after treatment concludes. While this isn’t usually a requirement, it can be helpful to people new to recovery. The additional structure and accountability of a sober house in Worcester, MA, offers fertile ground for new recovery to flourish. 

Living with other men or women who are pursuing the same goals provides camaraderie and support. Regardless of your treatment plan, spending some time in one of the quality sober houses in Worcester, MA, will undoubtedly enrich your recovery experience.

Here are a few of the positives the sober living experience delivers:

  • Belonging and Camaraderie – Early recovery can feel lonely. Living with other people working at recovery, too, really helps.
  • Accountability and Structure – Even someone with the best intentions can have a weak moment. The structure makes it harder to slip.
  • Focus on Recovery – It’s easier to focus on recovery in a sober home than it is if you return to your own house every night.
  • Better Recovery – Research has shown people who attend sober living are more likely to remain alcohol and drug-free longer.
  • Friends and Fellowship – Fellowship is an important part of recovery. Sober living makes it easier to get to know other recovering people.


Sober houses in Worcester County and elsewhere are important for addiction recovery. Studies show people who attend sober living are more likely to succeed in long-term recovery.

Recovering from substance abuse is a challenge as it is, so we should all seek any possible advantage we can get.  If you or someone you love is living with a substance use disorder or you have any questions about sober houses in Worcester, MA, give us a call.

You can call Blue Hills Recovery at (508) 680-0115 or connect to us through our contact page here.


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