Music has a way of impacting people on the deepest level. It can help people through some of the toughest times in their life, keep them focused on tasks and goals and so much more. When it comes to addiction recovery, there are so many songs that can help you on both your good and bad days. 

If you aren’t in recovery yet, some of these songs can motivate you to get the treatment you need. If you are ready to do that, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Blue Hills Recovery Center team today.

Ed Sheeran – “The A Team”

When Ed Sheeran was 18 years old, he spent some time at a homeless shelter. He wrote the song, “The A Team”, after he stayed there. He had listened to so many people tell their stories about homelessness and addiction that he was shocked and then inspired to write this song. So, he went home and wrote, “The A Team”, a song regarding a crack cocaine-addicted prostitute. 

Weeknd – “Dark Times”

Everyone goes through dark times in life, whether they be brief stints or for a long time. With this being said, the song “Dark Times” by Weeknd talks about going through these times and how everyone will likely do something they aren’t really proud of. The primary meaning behind this song talks about how those experiences help grow you as a person and you can emerge even better after those dark times. 

Kelly Clarkson – “Sober”

The song, “Sober”, by Kelly Clarkson is one of the best songs about addiction recovery. In this song, she talks about a relationship (metaphor for the addiction). She sings about how temptation is present in everyone’s lives, but that you don’t have to give into that temptation. 

While everyone doesn’t have an alcohol or drug addiction, this song can still help them avoid temptation in other areas of their life, as well. If you are in recovery, this song can help you avoid drinking or using drugs. It can also be a reminder to reach out for help if you are struggling with substance abuse. If you need help today, our Blue Hills Recovery Center team is here for you.

A Perfect Circle – “Gravity”

Everyone has to make choices each day of their life. The song lyrics in “Gravity” speak about how addiction is dreary and dark, but you can choose the unknown life os sobriety and recovery. The song is a great reminder that you can live a life of joyfulness, sobriety and so much more, if you overcome your addiction. 

Max Flinn – “After I’ve Lost It All”

This is one of the acoustic songs about addiction recovery written by Max Flinn. In “After I’ve Lost It All”, he sings about his own struggles with addiction and how the lifestyle of addiction goes. In the lyrics, he talks about hitting rock bottom and how he (most people) don’t usually learn their most important lesions until they are losing it all (relationships, job, etc.)

If you are in an addictive lifestyle, this song can motivate you to get the addiction treatment you need. Just remember, you don’t have to hit rock bottom before you ask for help. You can get help here at Blue Hills Recovery Center today.

U2 – “Running to Stand Still”

This is a song about a heroin-addicted couple and their life together. The primary thought behind “Running to Stand Still” is that abusing drugs and alcohol is usually about escaping the truth and being in denial about what is real. Addiction brings about a sense of hopelessness and causes people to fight against themselves each and every day.

Use this song to teach you that the pursuit of recovery and healing is possible. You don’t have to keep this fight against yourself going. It is possible to get a better life for yourself and addiction treatment can help you to do that. 

Kenny Chesney – “Demons”

“Demons” is a song that talks about how everyone has at least one inner demon they running toward or that is running toward themselves. Addiction is often the inner demon for a lot of people. It is chronic disease that affects milions. 

However, in this song you are challenged to think about how you decide to respond to your inner demon and what other choices you can make instead.

The Fray – “You Found Me”

“You Found Me” is one of The Fray’s most popular songs. It talks about the hard questions in life that you may have to ask, especially about the negative things that happen to you or those that you love. In general, this song is hopeful and uplifting. It talks about how to overcome life’s difficulties and to remind you to keep going even when times are getting tough. 

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Linkin Park – “Breaking the Habit”

With millions of people struggling from drug addiction, they can often relate to this song about how they use drugs to escape the pain and hurt they are feeling. Some people have misinterpreted this song to be about suicide. However, it is more about admitting the truth to yourself, surrendering to a higher power and giving up your addictive lifestyle to have a better life for your future. 

Luke Bryan – “You Don’t Know Jack”

This is a song about one person’s struggle with alcohol addiction. However, the lyrics refer to how some people don’t have experience with losing it all. If you are in recovery, this song can be very relatable to you and some of those in your life. It is a good one to add to your list of songs about addiction recovery. 

NF – “How Could You Leave Us”

This song is quite the heartbreaker. It is written in the perspective of someone who lost their mother to an addiction. This is a great reminder of how addiction doesn’t just affect the person who is abusing drugs and/or alcohol. It affects all those in their life, as well.

If you are struggling with addiction, yes, you have to quit for yourself, but you can get sober for your loved ones, as well. Our Blue Hills Recovery Center team can help you to get started in your recovery. 

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There are so many songs about addiction recovery and how addiction ruins lives. Let the songs noted above remind you how important getting into recovery from an addiction is for yourself and for your loved ones. 
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